Refrigerator / Freezer Door Gaskets

Al Rawan Industrial Co. is one of the pioneer manufacturers of Refrigerator & Freezer Door Gaskets and Magnetic Strips for household and commercial refrigeration applications in Middle East.


Our gasket designs are the result of a joint effort with our customers and produced to the precise dimensions & tolerances specified.


Gaskets Features

  • Gaskets are made from flexible PVC compound specially formulated with plasticizer of low migration properties and fungicide additives to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus which can deteriorate gaskets surface life.
  • Lead & cadmium free stabilizers & pigments.
  • Can be supplied in any opaque colour to customer's sample.


Gaskets Supply Forms:


Gaskets can be supplied in the following forms:

  •  Complete welded frames with or without magnetic inserts.
  •  Cut to length at 45° with or with out magnetic inserts.
  •  Straight Lengths or in Rolls.
Refrigerator / Freezer Door Gaskets

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